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Micronic Tube Reader DT500

The Micronic Tube Reader DT500 is high-speed code reading at its best. The Micronic Tube Reader DT500 is the most versatile single tube reader in the market – it reads 1D rack barcodes and 1D barcoded and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in less than a second. The barcode scanner has a keyboard wedge functionality so that the scanned data can be send to many applications.

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At Micronic, we develop and manufacture our premium labware and precision engineered equipment in-house. We are committed to offer top-of-the-line products, delivering exceptional quality, reliability and durability. Above all, we stand behind our solutions, and are confident that you will too.

Micronic Code Readers are assembled in the Netherlands and the United States. High-level service is of paramount importance at Micronic. Therefore, we have well-trained personnel on hand to provide service on equipment. These services range from annual maintenance, installation support and customization, to repairs.

Micronic warrants that its products are of satisfactory quality and conform to applicable EU legislation. If the product turns out to be defective, Micronic will arrange to repair or replace the product during the warranty period. The warranty period begins on the day the product was purchased from an authorized dealer and ends after 5 years for Micronic Reading equipment. In case of product replacement, the warranty start date remains the date of purchase of the original product. Micronic offers an industry leading warranty of 5 years, because we can!

Features & benefits

Tube Reader DT500

Reads 1D rack barcodes, 1D and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes in less than a second
Compatible with 96-, 48- and 24-well rack and tube formats
Easy to use
No software installation
Plug & play
Keyboard wedge functionality
Anti frost
Unique condensation-free scanner plate
5-year warranty!

product information

Parameter Tube Reader DT500
System requirements 1x USB port (at least 2.0)
Scan time < 1 second
Weight 315 grams / 0.7 lbs
Tube code reading 1D rack barcodes and 1D / 2D tube codes

What our customers say

“I chose Micronic because of the space saving 96-well rack format; more sample material could fit in the freezer compared to products from other companies. The screw cap also stays securely in place during long-term storage in -80°C."

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The Nees Institute for Plant Biodiversity selected Micronic 0.50ml 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes together with TPE caps to provide high integrity, long-term storage of their samples at -80°C.

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At Micronic our goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life. This is why it makes us particularly proud to supply the researchers of JUST with the consumables they need for their robotic discovery platform.

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For its Rotterdam Study, the oldest long-term population health study in the Netherlands, Erasmus Medical Center has switched to the compact 2D coded tube system from Micronic for the storage of its biological samples.

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The Generation R study is a great example of how Micronic products are used in laboratories around the world preserving the integrity of samples for many years.

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PhD candidate at LUMC Nienke van Rein chose Micronic because of the space saving 96-well rack format
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Micronic Tube Reader DT500

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