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Worldwide Micronic users

Micronic products are applied worldwide in the (research) laboratories of university hospitals, forensics, agricultural, veterinary and governmental institutes, as well as companies in biotech, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Biobanking & Cryo preservation

Many research applications, like genomics or personalized medicine, depend critically upon the accessibility and quality of biospecimen. Biobanks of hospitals, universities or pharmaceutical companies house cryogenic storage facilities, from individual refrigerators to automated stores, to preserve their biological samples for the long-term. Examples of sample types Micronic users store: blood, serum, plasma, DNA, RNA, proteins, urine, cells, saliva, feces and tissue.

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Drug discovery & clinical studies

Drug development is a long, complex and expensive process. During several stages within or processes related to the drug discovery process Micronic users – (bio)pharmaceutical companies or Contract Research Organizations (CROs) – apply products for sample collection, processing or storage. Examples of these stages or processes: compound management, high-throughput screening, pre-clinical studies and clinical trials management.

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Biotechnology & biologics

Advanced tools emerging from the ever-evolving biotech industry have revolutionized medicine and changed our understanding of health and the provision of healthcare. Micronic products are used in diverse biotech applications like genetics, genetic engineering, cell and tissue sciences, gene therapy, organoid research, applied immunology, antibody development, vaccine development and diagnostic tests.

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Crop sciences & nutrition

One of the biggest growing areas of scientific research is agriculture. A primary goal of agricultural research is to make scientific discoveries that help solve problems in crop and livestock production and protection, human nutrition, and the interaction of agriculture and the environment. Examples of research applications of Micronic users: plant breeding and genetics, plant pathology, horticulture, soil science and food safety testing.

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Biodiversity studies

Worldwide efforts are being made to sequence the genomes of all living organisms (including animal, plant and fungal species) on earth. The ultimate goal is to create a novel foundation for biology that positively affects the preservation of biological diversity and sustainability of human societies. Institutes using Micronic products, especially during sample collection and long-term storage, conduct research in the fields of biodiversity, evolutionary biology and marine biology.

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Kit manufacturing

Diagnostic testing kits

Diagnostic testing is crucial for several purposes: identifying and monitoring disease, providing prognoses and predicting responses to treatments. Examples of test kits that are being developed: clinical diagnostic testing kits, at-home diagnostic collection kits or at-home self-diagnostic kits. Direct-to-consumer kits for commercial DNA-testing are also popular nowadays. Micronic products (customized) are incorporated in these kits or used for sample storage.

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Why Micronic

Industry leaders since 1984, Micronic possesses expert knowledge about sample storage and preservation.
own production
Our premium sample storage labware and precision engineered equipment is developed and manufactured in-house.
certified clean rooms
Micronic labware is manufactured and assembled in NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environments.
quality control
Micronic operates a corporate integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
quick & flexible
In-house R&D and manufacturing means first-hand high-tech knowledge necessary to quickly adapt to market developments.
custom products
To help you find the best solution for your sample storage needs, we are open to customer specific requests.

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