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Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS700
“It’s a very smoothly running, easy to use and silent device."
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Manual & Automated Equipment

Micronic offers a range of products to make manual capping and decapping more efficient. For the manual (de)capping of Screw Caps, there is one option available. The Screw Cap Recapper CS100 is set to a precise torque value and stops turning when the perfect seal is established. For the decapping of Push Caps, the Micronic Manual Push Cap Decappers are developed. The range includes the Manual Decapper-1, which is made of high quality plastic, and designed to remove a single Push Cap. The Manual Decapper-8 is also made of high quality plastic and removes Push Caps in a row of eight. The Manual Decapper-8 Aluminum removes individual Push Caps in a row of eight from frozen tubes. All manual decappers provide a convenient and fast removal of the TPE Push Caps. The Push Cap Capper CP400 can apply uniform pressure to Push Caps in an entire 96 tubes rack in only a single action. This device is able to seal full racks or partially full racks with the complete range of Micronic TPE or EVA style Capmats, Capbands and Capclusters. The Capper is also compatible with other brands of storage tubes and racks. To ensure optimum results an adapter matched to your specific rack type and tube height is supplied.

To accelerate the capping and decapping proces even more, the Micronic automatic (De)Capping equipment is a perfect solution. Developed in conjunction with several leading laboratories, the Screw Cap Recappers CS500, CS510 and CS520 offer the ability to cap, decap or recap a row of tubes in less than 5 seconds and a whole rack in only 1 minute. This is 10 times faster than by hand and improves productivity. The automated Screw Cap Recappers CS700, CS710 and CS720 are “must-have” equipment for higher throughput users. The devices are user-friendly and extremely durable and reliable and cap entire racks in 30 seconds. The electric Push Cap Cappers CP600 and CP610 are designed to meet the special requirements of our customers and are compatible with the following caps: TPE Capmats, Capbands, Capclusters and EVA Capmats. The electric Cappers seal an entire rack of 96 tubes within 12 seconds and have a guaranteed evenly capping result. With the ever-growing demand for higher sample throughput in many laboratories, the electric Push Cap Decapper CP620 enables significant productivity gains to be made in the opening of multiple sample storage tubes capped with Push Caps. The CP620 is able to decap 96 tubes in 8 seconds. Through a friendly user interface you can choose the right rack to decap, without using different adapters.