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Our goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life. We develop and manufacture a range of Dutch-designed products to enhance the process of sample preservation and storage.

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Upscaling your sample storage operations

With the ever-growing requirement for higher sample throughput in many laboratories, we offer labware and equipment that address these needs. We can advice you on the type of labware and equipment. Considering the amount of samples, the size of the lab and degree of automation, we offer Sample Storage Starter Packs in a range of formats.

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Achieving efficiency in your workflow

We can help you find the right solution to significantly improve efficiency in your sample storage workflow. We enable research labs to standardize and automate sample processing and storage. For example, all our tubes are available in storage racks based on the automation-friendly ANSI/SLAS rack format and we offer equipment that accelerates sample processing.

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Micronic tubes in rack, tube in hand

Customization of Micronic labware

We offer the service to supply barcoded labware in customized formats. It is possible to request custom prefixes for 1D/2D tube or rack barcodes, and completely custom codes on our hybrid tubes (1D barcodes, 2D codes, numerical codes and logo’s). In addition, custom logos on racks or tools can be requested as well.


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Maintenance service

Equipment accuracy and durability

We offer preventive maintenance plans to keep your equipment in excellent condition. By investing in these plans, you can make sure your laboratory equipment works properly every day of the year. We conduct preventive maintenance in-house at our Equipment Assembly Centers in The Netherlands and The United States.

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Working at Micronic

General advice and service

Not sure which tube size or level of automation you need? Do you have special product requests? Whether you’re just starting out, or expanding your facility, we’d love to discuss your research application to help you find the solution that will increase efficiency and accuracy in your lab. Let’s get in touch. We’re here to help.

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Our Value

Why Micronic

Industry leaders since 1984, Micronic possesses expert knowledge about sample storage and preservation.
own production
Our premium sample storage labware and precision engineered equipment is developed and manufactured in-house.
Certified clean rooms
Micronic labware is manufactured and assembled in NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environments.
quality control
Micronic operates a corporate integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
quick & flexible
In-house R&D and manufacturing means first-hand high-tech knowledge necessary to quickly adapt to market developments.
custom products
To help you find the best solution for your sample storage needs, we are open to customer specific requests.

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