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Micronic Push Cap Capper CP600

The Push Cap Capper CP600 can cap Micronic Push Caps on 96-well format tubes up until 1.40ml tubes in rack and the CP610 can cap up until 2.00ml tubes in rack with: TPE Capmats, Capbands and Capclusters, and EVA Capmats.

For your convenience the capper operates without any buttons. Simply pull the drawer out of the capper, place a rack filled with tubes on the drawer, and place the capmat, capband or capcluster on the tubes. Push the drawer inside the capper and the capping will start automatically.

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The Micronic Capping & Decapping equipment is designed and assembled in-house. We have well-trained personnel on hand to provide service on equipment. These services range from annual maintenance, installation support and customization, to repairs.

High-level service is of paramount importance at Micronic. By assembling equipment in-house, Micronic’s equipment assembly personnel and engineers have the first-hand knowledge and skills necessary to perform services quickly and smoothly.

At Micronic, we are committed to offer top-of-the-line products, delivering exceptional quality, reliability and durability. Above all, we stand behind our solutions, and are confident that you will too. Micronic warrants that its products are of satisfactory quality and conform to applicable EU legislation. If the product turns out to be defective, Micronic will arrange to repair or replace the product during the warranty period. The warranty period begins on the day of Micronic’s invoice of the original product and ends after 1 year for (De)Capping equipment. Additionally, we offer calibration services for Micronic Screw Cap Recappers. The service ensures that the Recappers are set to a precise torque value for an optimal sealing performance.

features & benefits

Push Cap Decapper CP600 & CP610

Caps an entire rack of 96 tubes in an average of 7 seconds (depends on the tube height)
Evenly capping result
Controlled pressure system for an evenly capping result
Compatible with the complete Micronic range of 96-format tubes with internal thread in rack
Works with full and partially-full racks (minimum of 10 tubes)
Tube sizes
CP600: Works with tube sizes up to 1.40ml (48mm) / CP610: Works with tube sizes up to 2.50ml (86mm)
Operates without any buttons

Product information

Parameter Push Cap Decapper CP600 & CP610
Rack compatibility ANSI/SLAS standard 96-format racks
Cycle time On average 7 seconds
Dimensions 31 x 21 x 29 cm (CP600) or 31 x 21 x 32 cm (CP610)
Weight 14 kg / 31 lbs (CP600) | 16 kg / 35 lbs (CP610)
Voltage 115 - 230 V
Tube Handler HT700


article numbers

Ordering information


Article Number Description Unit Size
MP35020 Micronic Push Cap Capper CP600 1 unit
MP35021 Micronic Push Cap Capper CP610 1 unit

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