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Efficiently organize your freezer with freezer racks

Efficient sample storage

Safe and reliable storage of valuable samples is a critical process in any aboratory. For samples that need to be held in a temperature-controlled environment, there are many options of freezers that can safely stabilize and monitor temperature. Depending on the type of sample and application there are also many sample sizes that need to be stored. This creates a challenge in the lab, requiring a unique solution. Saving space in freezers is a critical issue for several reasons. Sustainability, cost savings, and lab floor space top among them. Fewer freezers mean less energy consumption, budget efficiency, more workspace in the lab. To create these benefits for the lab, a reliable and proven complete system is needed. It should incorporate high quality sample storage labware to protect the investment in samples. An efficient freezer system is needed, and that freezer should be configured to maximize space.

What products to use when organizing your freezer

Sample storage labware

A freezer can be organized best with freezer racks and sample storage tubes in 96-, 48- or 24-well format storage rack. But how to choose the correct combination of sample storage labware and freezer rack for your research purpose and freezer? t first it is important to know which tube volume best suits your research application. To decide on the tube size, you can fill out the Micronic Tube Configurator and it will show you the ideal tube size. With volumes ranging from 0.30ml to 6.00ml, there is a suitable sample tube for everyone. When you have found your ultimate sample storage tube, you can complete your solution with a suitable cap and storage rack combination. For all Micronic tubes a sample storage rack is offered which perfectly fits the tube and the chosen cap, so storage space in your freezer can be maximized. When you have found your ideal sample storage labware solution (i.e. tube, cap and rack), it is time to choose the most compatible freezer rack.

Freezer rack

To choose the right Freezer Rack to combine with your sample storage labware, is easily enough. With the help of the BaaySCI Freezer Rack Configurator, you can fill out the sample storage labware that you use and find the compatible freezer rack with it. A proven system can be found by combining the quality of Micronic labware, and the efficiency of BaaySCI freezer racks. Micronic labware will protect samples and maintain viability of the samples at a variety of temperatures. BaaySCI freezer racks are compatible with all Micronic configurations and freezers of most common brands. This combination provides a high-quality efficient solution for storage.

Complete solution

With the combination of the ideal sample storage labware and the compatible freezer racks, you will always have a clear system in your freezer that maximizes storage efficiency. For each Micronic sample storage rack, there is a compatible BaaySCI freezer rack. Are you still unsure on how to proceed or what to look for when deciding on the ideal combination compatible for your research solution and freezer? Next to the earlier mentioned tube and freezer rack configurators, experienced industry professionals are also available to help find the right selection. Micronic labware and BaaySCI freezer racks are also customizable when needed, ensuring a suitable solution for every kind of research.

Get in touch with our sales team here or contact BaaySCI here; we are happy to help you optimize your freezer space.


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