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Code Scanners

Micronic Rack Reader Range

To enable fast, accurate and efficient sample identification, Micronic offers an extensive code reader range which consists of whole rack and single tube readers for every budget.

With active anti-frost system
Rack Reader DR710 with laptop

Micronic Rack Reader DR710

The Micronic Rack Reader DR710 is equipped with a uniquely designed active anti-frost system so that tube codes from even frozen samples can be read. Scan time is 7 seconds.

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With deep focus image sensor
Rack Reader DR700

Micronic Rack Reader DR700

Features a deep focus image sensor ensuring the highest accuracy 2D code reading even if the tubes aren’t flush with the scanner plate or codes are partially compromised. Scan time is 7 seconds.

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With a passive anti-frost system
Rack Reader DR500

Micronic Code Reader DR505

The Micronic Rack Reader DR505 features a passive anti-frost system, which enables users to read racks filled with 2D codes tubes straight from the freezer. Scan time is 5 seconds.

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Why Micronic

Industry leaders since 1984, Micronic possesses expert knowledge about sample storage and preservation.
own production
Our premium sample storage labware and precision engineered equipment is developed and manufactured in-house.
certified clean rooms
Micronic labware is manufactured and assembled in NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environments.
quality control
Micronic operates a corporate integrated Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
quick & flexible
In-house R&D and manufacturing means first-hand high-tech knowledge necessary to quickly adapt to market developments.
custom products
To help you find the best solution for your sample storage needs, we are open to customer specific requests.

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