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Distributor Days 2022

Great Distributor Days

From 6-7 October, we had several of our European and African distributors that visited the Micronic headquarters in Lelystad for the fall edition of the Micronic Distributor Days 2022.

Tour around the production facility

During these days, our Distributors learned more about the company Micronic and received a tour around the production facility to see where the Micronic products are being developed. All Micronic equipment is designed and assembled in-house at the Micronic Equipment Assembly Centers in The Netherlands and The United States. Next to the tour we talked about the service programs that Micronic offers to our distributors and showed several demos of the different Micronic equipment.

External speaker

We also invited an external speaker from Titian Software to talk about the integration of the Mosaic software with the Micronic Code Reader Software. With this compatibility we hope that Mosaic users find it easier to work with the Micronic Code Reader Range and the Mosaic Software.

Great days

We had a great couple of days with several of our distributors and are hoping for many more Distributor Days to come!

Distributor Days 2022


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