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As Micronic we serve scientists in advancing their research with sample preservation and storage. To keep you updated about the latest trends and research in your field, we have several showcase pages on LinkedIn to share some of the latest news with you. See below a list of our pages. Follow us now to stay in the loop!

  • Biobanking

The field of Biobanking is growing and gaining more importance. With the help of biobanks a lot of data can be processed and researched benefitting for instance the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Follow our page and learn about the latest updates in the biobanking field!

  • Synthetic Biology

With Synthetic Biology the creation of new and complex molecules, cells or physiological functions are possible. It is a hot promising new area for biotechnology and medical research. We update you on the latest news and innovations in this field. Follow the page here.

  • Biodiversity

Biodiversity is something that is very important to our planet, with currently it seems that the loss of it is getting bigger. On this page we will keep you informed about some interesting projects to stimulate the biodiversity in some regions and other important topics. Follow us!

  • Plant breeding

Our last showcase page is about Plant Breeding. On this page we’ll keep you updated about the latest research and innovations around plant breeding that help to improve the quality and diversity of crops. Stay up to date and follow our page here.


Showcase page Biobanking LinkedInShowcase page Synthetic Biology LinkedinShowcase page Biodiversity LinkedinShowcase page Plantbreeding Linkedin


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