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NEW: The Micronic Docking Station Enables a Consistent Sample Tube (De)Capping Action

New in our portfolio: The Micronic Docking Station for the CS500, CS510 and CS520 Screw Cap Recappers. Using the Docking Station in combination with the Screw Cap Recappers, a consistent capping and decapping action is assured, allowing research laboratories to recap 96-well, 48-well and 24-well format sample storage tubes securely and uniformly for an optimal sealing performance.

Designed in conjunction with several leading laboratories, the cost-effective handheld devices offer users the ability to cap a row of 8, 6 or 4 tubes in 5 seconds. The Screw Cap Recappers are 10 times faster than manually capping tubes, thereby minimizing sample evaporation and significantly improving your throughput.

Compatible with Micronic Screw Caps and Screw Cap tubes in 96-well, 48-well and 24-well format, the compact Screw Cap Recappers provide an ergonomic lightweight solution for both left and right handed users. Whether you are looking to recap tubes with the same or new caps, it is easy to position the screw caps above tubes using the Recapper in the Docking Station. When removing screw caps, the large ejection handle makes discarding caps a simple single action task. The robust Micronic Screw Cap Recappers and Docking Station come with a 1-Year warranty.

Micronic’s labware equipment is designed and assembled in-house. At Micronic, high quality and a high level of service are of paramount importance. By assembling equipment in-house, Micronic’s equipment assembly personnel and engineers have the first-hand knowledge and skills necessary to perform services quickly and smoothly. For more information, contact your local Micronic sales office.


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