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Micronic offers a complete line of sample storage tubes that fit in the standard 96-well, 48-well or 24-well rack format. The comprehensive range includes tubes with volumes ranging from 0.30ml to 6.00ml which are suitable for the most com­mon laboratory storage applications. The tubes are available non-coded, alphanumeric coded or with a unique 2D Data-Matrix code on the tube bottom, which can be combined with a 1D barcode on the tube side. Through our line of compatible storage racks, sealing products, reading and (de)capping equipment and sample management systems, Micronic is able to of­fer you a complete sample storage solution.

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1.40ml Tubes Internal Thread

Non-Coded tubes provide an affordable way to improve sample storage, handling, screening and logistics. Many laboratories use the Non-Coded tubes for short-term storage or intermediate processes such as sample grinding with beads. The tubes can also be used for transportation of small or larger volume samples. The Micronic 1.40ml Non-Coded Round Bottom tubes are a well-known and standard solution for many laboratory applications. Other specials like the Tube Strip-8 are also available.

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Tube Range Internal Thread

Micronic’s 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes are used by many research laboratories worldwide in order to fully track and trace their valuable samples during the entire sample storage process. The unique 2D code identifies the sample, its coordinates within a storage rack, the particular rack and the location of the rack in the freezer. Next to ensuring reliable long-term sample identification, the high quality labware of Micronic also ensures that the integrity of samples is preserved at ultra-low temperatures over extended periods of time.

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Tube Range External Thread

The 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes and Code Readers of Micronic are used by researchers worldwide to guarantee the traceability of valuable samples during the sample storage process. The unique 2D code of each tube can be scanned to identify a sample, its coordinates within a storage rack, the particular freezer and the location of the rack in the freezer. In addition to providing reliable long-term sample identification, the high quality Micronic labware ensures that the integrity of samples is preserved at ultra-low temperatures over extended periods of time.

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Hybrid tube range

The Micronic tubes with external thread hybrid uniquely combine automated and visual sample identification. The visual codes allow researchers to quickly identify samples or verify codes during the storage/retrieval process or field research. The transparent parts of the tube wall enable easy visual checking of the sample. The 1D and 2D barcode can be read by automated systems. The bottom code surface of the tubes features a raised edge, which protects the 2D Data-Matrix code against accidental scratches.

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Drawing upon 35 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying traceable sample storage solutions to research centers and laboratory facilities, Micronic has developed a Next Generation Ultra-Low Temperature Rack Range. The Micronic ULT Racks do not simply have a nicer design – they are better in every way. The racks have many unique features including its extremely strong design for cryogenic storage, a novel “icebreaker” cover lock mechanism, cover prints indicating rack and tube type, rack orientation marks and a highly transparent cover which enables easy visual checking of the enclosed samples.

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Screw Caps in 96-format

During the collection, processing and storage of samples, sample traceability is crucial. While most laboratories use 1D barcodes and 2D codes on sample tubes to ensure traceability of samples, cap color inspection will further promote the tube identification process. Micronic offers the widest range of cap colors available on the market. For tubes with internal and external thread Micronic offers several types of Screw Caps and Push Caps.

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To enable fast, accurate and efficient sample identification, Micronic offers an extensive code reader range which consists of whole rack and single tube readers. The DR700 has a passive anti-frost system, whereas the DR710 has an active anti-frost system (ambient air is drawn into the scanner where it is cleaned of dust. Warmed dry air in the scanner prevents condensation on the scanning plate). The DR700 and DR710 are equipped with a deep focus image sensor ensuring the highest accuracy 2D code reading. The Micronic Rack Reader DR500 and DR505 are small benchtop solutions that can read 2D codes quickly and cost effective within seconds. The versatile Micronic Tube Reader DT500 can read 1D barcoded and 2D Data-Matrix coded tubes within 1 second. The Micronic Tube Reader DT300 is a portable device.

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Micronic offers a range of products to make manual capping and decapping more efficient. To accelerate the capping and decapping proces, the Micronic automatic (De)Capping equipment is a perfect solution. Developed in conjunction with several leading laboratories, the Screw Cap Recappers CS500, CS510 and CS520 offer the ability to cap, decap or recap a row of tubes in less than 5 seconds and a whole rack in only 1 minute. This is 10 times faster than by hand and improves productivity. The automated Screw Cap Recappers CS700, CS710 and CS720 are “must-have” equipment for higher throughput users.

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The Micronic Starter Pack Basic with Push Caps is ideal for research laboratories that want to start using 2D coded tubes

The Micronic Starter Packs are ideal for research laboratories that want to start using 2D coded tubes, or for those who are not satisfied with their current supplier and would like to try the high quality of Micronic products. Considering the amount of samples, the the size of the lab and degree of automation, Micronic offers the Sample Storage Starter Packs in a range of formats: BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM and PREMIUM+. All the Micronic Starter Packs contain 2D coded tubes with screw or push caps, scanners, and manual or electric (de)cappers.

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