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Micronic Tube Handler HT500
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NEW: The Micronic Tube Handler HT500

We are glad to announce the launch of the Micronic Tube Handler HT500, an affordable sample management system that effectively sorts your valuable liquid and solid samples. The device can be used to pick specific specimens from a large group of samples. The HT500 has a total rack capacity of 20 racks – at least one target rack and one source rack must be specified per run.

The HT500 is an efficient and effective answer for otherwise monotonous and mistake inclined manual arraying of sample tubes. Reconfigure or single out sample tubes in 96-well format Micronic racks (ANSI/SLAS standard) for downstream processes. The user-friendly software interface allows setting quarantine conditions and run parameters that meet end users’ specific requirements. Likewise, it can be configured to use worklist files from USB thumb drive courtesy of its intuitive design. The Tube Handler can efficiently pick & place 400 tubes per hour.

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