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UK Insect Pollinators Initiative speciment archive
The United Kingdom

Natural History Museum

Micronic’s Product Sales Manager paid a visit to Prof Graham Stone and his group at the University of Edinburgh recently to see how they use some of our products for their research project.

As part of the ‘insect pollinators initiative’, they are storing about 50,000 insect pollinators for a specimen archive as a legacy for future research. The archive will be stored at the Natural History Museum in London and will allow researchers to understand and mitigate the biological and environmental factors that adversely affect the insect pollinators.

The team are using the Micronic 4.00ml tube for storing the larger insects in the collection. In the photos below you can see the way the collection is currently being stored.

Natalia de la Torre and Cornelia Altgard were responsible for transferring the insects into the Micronic tubes so that insects can now be stored at -80 degrees, which will allow for the collection to be preserved for a far greater amount of time.

Micronic’s Product Sales Manager said: “It was great to see the work carried out by Prof Graham Stone and his group at the University of Edinburgh. Many thanks to Natalia de la Torre, Cornelia Altgard and Damien Hicks for taking the time to show us the collection and the progress being made. We are looking forward to see the full collection at the Natural History Museum!”

You can read more about the Insect pollinators initiative by following this link.