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Titian Software
Application note with Titian

Enhance Your Tube Handling

Sample management workflows are not only about transferring samples from one piece of labware to another. The sample storage tubes also move from place to place and are easy to track because they are convenient to barcode. So labware locations need to be logged and updated in your inventory to ensure a smooth workflow and an accurate audit trail. Integrating tube rack readers with your sample management software makes it easy to trace the movement of samples through the sample management workflow, as data from rack readers can be passed automatically to your inventory. Enhance your tube handling by integrating Micronic Rack Readers with Titian Software’s Mosaic TPV.

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Karolinska Institute
Karolinska Intitute Application

Secure Preservation of Gynaecological Cell Samples

To support healthcare and scientific research groups with high quality cytological cell samples, the national clinical cytology biobank at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) has invested in 2D coded sample storage tubes and sample handling equipment from Micronic to provide traceable high integrity storage of its valuable gynaecological cell samples.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb
Micronic Push Cap Capper CP600

Efficient Handling of DNA Samples with Automatic Capping Solution

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), An American biopharmaceutical company, uses Micronic TPE Push Caps and electric (de)capping equipment in their lab to make the handling of DNA samples more efficient and less time-consuming.

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Application note - Agriculture

Agriculture & Micronic

One of the biggest growing areas of scientific research is agriculture. This field interests researchers worldwide due to the enormous diversity of existing plants and animals. Storing plant and seed samples is important to generate a backup in case of destructive events, genome projects, pest control, studies of rare or extinct species and many other reasons. Micronic offers a variety of traceable sample storage solutions in order to best suit each agricultural application.

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