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Making In-house Material Renewal a Reality

At Micronic, we prioritize sustainability and innovation in our manufacturing processes. In line with this commitment, we have launched world’s first Eco-Friendly Rack Range. These Eco-Friendly Choice (EFC) Racks are made of 99% in-house renewed material (RM), setting a new sustainable standard for sample storage racks. The racks are an ideal solution for laboratories dedicated to embracing a greener future.

A key part of our approach to sustainability now involves recycling and renewing residual materials from our injection molding operations. This process not only helps us minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact but also ensures that our products maintain the highest quality standards. Read on to find out how the material renewal process works.

The Material Renewal Process

Residual materials, such as sprues or rejected products, from the injection molding process that are suitable for renewing are carefully separated. This separation is achieved by capturing specific waste streams and then grinding them. Various quality procedures ensure there is no contamination from other plastics or pollution during this process. The ground plastics are converted into renewed material through an extruder. The long strands that come out of the extruder are cut into granules, resulting in the ‘renewed’ material. The stringent quality control measures assure no compromise in quality or integrity during the renewal process, guaranteeing high-quality renewed material.

Moreover, the material does not need to be transported from an external location, as the renewal process now occurs on-site, reducing transportation costs previously incurred for material disposal. This on-site renewal not only enhances sustainability but also streamlines the production process, contributing to overall efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Products made from Renewed Material

The renewed material is then processed into products, like the EFC Racks RM, using injection molding machines. To maintain the product color and 1D barcode quality on the rack, a very small amount of dye (1%) is added. As a result, the EFC Racks RM meet all quality standards comparable to those of racks made from new material.

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