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Sealing tissue sample storage tubes properly

For long-term storage of tissue biopsies, there are numerous factors that can influence sample integrity, including cross-contamination, temperature, evaporation, and vial sterility. Tissue samples are frequently stored and handled for years and sometimes decades; therefore, it is important for researchers to consider ways to reduce the risk of sample degradation.

Micronic has recently introduced a novel line of sealing devices, the CS100 series, which greatly improves the retrieval and handling of tissue tubes. With the CS100, you can cap and decap a single tube with ease. The CS100 is designed to eliminate any need to touch the cap with non-sterile methods and can eliminate virtually all risk of contamination when handling samples. Compatible with tubes in 96, 48 and 24- well formats, the CS100 can seal a tube in seconds according to its specified torque value. This prevents the risk of overturning the cap and distorting the threading closure, which could lead to evaporation of gas and eventually sample dehydration at ultra-low temperatures.

By storing biopsies in Micronic’s 1ml or 3.5ml tissue tubes, which are certified DNase, RNase and pyrogen-free, the possibility of contamination from the storage tube itself is eliminated.  Micronic’s tissue tubes are specifically constructed with thick tube walls for tolerance to extremely low temperatures. Made from medical approved polypropylene, the tissue tube material has been tested and shown to have no measurable extractables, making them ideal for biological storage. Designed with a triple externally threaded closure, Micronic’s tissue tubes greatly minimize any chance of the sample coming into contact with the cap. With Micronic products and careful attention to aseptic technique, tissue quality can be maintained over a long period of time.


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