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Start standardizing your tissue sample storage

The benefits of standardizing and automating a tissue sample storage workflow are starting to become well-known. It improves efficiency, increases storage capacity and enhances sample traceability. In the long term, this will reduce costs and labor. In the short term however, investments are needed.

Setting up a standardized tissue sample storage workflow will require time and resources. Changing an existing workflow will also mean consultation with colleagues and stakeholders. It is therefore advised to evaluate how the standardization of your tissue storage workflow will influence sample traceability, storage efficiency and sample integrity. To evaluate this, you can test several solutions before you scale up.

Testing standardized tissue sample storage

Setting up a tissue storage system on a small scale is a cost effective solution to start standardizing your workflow. For example, Micronic offers Tissue Sample Storage Trial Packs to help researches get started with frozen tissue sample storage. The trail pack can be used to start a tissue collection without a large investment. The tissue sample collection can then be expanded efficiently when the sample storage workflow proves to be efficient.

Trail packs are also ideal to try out standardized tissue tubes in an existing workflow. The Micronic Tissue Tubes feature a 2D Data-Matrix code on the bottom of each tube and are stored in racks which are compliant to ANSI / SLAS standards. Automated systems, code readers and (de)cappers are often designed to be compatible with these specific codes and standards. This means that the versatile tissue tubes can easily be used to standardize a tissue sample storage workflow. After testing the tissue tubes in your workflow, it is possible to evaluate the impact of the tubes. With this information you can assess your reduction in costs, improvements in sample traceability and storage efficiency.


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