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Join the 2023 Freezer Challenge and reduce your labs energy costs

Freezer challenge 2023

195 Countries. Thousands of labs. Are you up for the challenge? Join this free competition and reduce your labs energy costs. Over the last 6 years the Freezer Challenge has helped save 24 million of kWh! In this competition you will be one of a thousand scientists around the world who competes in this competition. With the Freezer Challenge you learn how to be more energy efficient with your lab’s cold storage, improve sample accessibility, reduce risk and save cost. Sounds like a good idea? Sign up now! For more information on the freezer challenge, watch this video.

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Take advantage of these offers to save space in your freezer


Buy 4 cases of Low Profile Screw Caps or Screw Caps IG and get a FREE Screw Cap Recapper CS100*
Save freezer space with the Low Profile Screw Cap or Screw Cap IG from Micronic. Due to the low profile of these caps, you can store up to 33% more samples in your freezer!

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Promo202302Buy the Micronic Push Cap Capper CP400 or CP600 and get 1 case of TPE Capclusters + a Manual Decapper-8 for FREE!
Did you know TPE Push Caps provide a perfect seal until -80°C? An economical solution to save space in your freezer! With the Micronic Push Cap Cappers you cap the TPE Caps in a single action. Easily decap your separate push caps with the Manual Decapper-8.

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Promo202303Get 10% discount on a Micronic 138-2 HD Rack
The High Density rack increases the number of samples that can be stored up to 43% compared to a standard rack in the ANSI/SLAS footprint. The rack is compatible with the leading sample storage automation systems.

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*Maximum of 16 cases per customer

Offers are valid until 31st of March, 2023


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