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TPE Push Caps external thread tubes
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NEW! Micronic Push Caps for externally threaded tubes

We are proud to present Micronic TPE Capcluster-96 and Capmat-96 for externally threaded tubes! These sealing solutions complement the comprehensive line of the Micronic External Thread (Hybrid) tubes. The TPE caps offer reliable options for maintaining the integrity of tube contents at temperature down to -80°C, allowing to store samples confidently.

The Micronic 96-well format Push Caps for externally threaded tubes are designed for long or short-term storage. TPE (the thermoplastic elastomer) has the necessary properties essential in sample storage and preservation.

Compatible with automated systems, the Micronic 96-well format Ultra-Low Temperature Rack is absolutely traceable courtesy of the laser-etched alphanumeric visual located on top of the racks, and a unique laser-etched 1D barcode on the side of the racks.


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