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Micronic Tube Reader DT300
Product Updates

New Members of the Micronic Family Line

More and more Tracxer and Univo products are making the transition to the Micronic branded equipment line. The Univo Electric Capper CP480 and CP860 have recently done so too. Also the Micronic Handheld Wireless Scanner Mini has got improved features and a new look reflecting the innovation spirit of the company. We guarantee the quality of the devices that you are used to. What’s in a name? It is the Micronic brand that our customers trust.

Here is the overview of the new articles.

Aticle number 
Old description
New description 
MP35020 Univo Electric Capper CP480 Micronic Push Cap Capper CP600
MP35021 Univo Electric Capper CP860 Micronic Push Cap Capper CP610
MP55127 Micronic Handheld Wireless Scanner Mini Micronic Tube Reader DT300

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