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Rack Reader DR700
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New! Micronic Rack Reader DR700

Let us introduce the high-end Rack Reader DR700 and Side Barcode Reader! The DR700 is equipped with an anti-frost system and a deep focus image sensor ensuring the highest accuracy 2D code reading even if the tubes aren’t flush with the scanner plate or codes are partially compromised. The Reader is a small-footprint scanner-based solution for rapid reading. It is a very welcome member of our innovative and attractively designed Micronic Rack Reader range: DR505 and Side Barcode Reader. Optimized for fast and accurate sample identification, the Readers can be used with 2D Data Matrix coded tubes in an ANSI/ SLAS footprint rack without the need to remove tubes from racks.

The updated Micronic Code Reader Software has enhanced processing tubes and racks. The software is standard provided with the DR505 and DR700 Readers.

The new Micronic Side Barcode Reader for the DR700 line can be attached to any side of the DR700 and can decode a 1D barcode in less than a second.


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