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Micronic 6.00ml Tube in Rack
The United States

Arizona State University

ASU’s initiative to increase COVID-19 testing across the state

Due to the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, researchers from Arizona State University (ASU) created the ASU Biodesign Clinical Testing Lab (ABCTL) to efficiently collect and process COVID-19 samples in Arizona.

Choosing a sample collection tube

Lab Manager Joseph Miceli and his team spent ample time searching for a tube would easily integrate into their sample collection and laboratory automation processes.  Eventually, they selected the Micronic 6.00ml 2D Data-Matrix coded tube. Since then, they’ve seen a huge increase in the ABCTL’s testing abilities.

“We went from processing 500 tests per week to over 33,000 tests per week across the state of Arizona—this was at the height of the COVID-19 winter wave in 2020,” says Miceli.

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