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The Integration of Rack Readers with LIMS Software

Efficient track and trace system

The efficient tracking and tracing of your valuable samples can be enhanced by having an interconnected system where your scanning device is integrated with your LIMS Software. This way, when a sample is needed for downstream analysis, it can be easily traced at the registered location. What is needed to integrate your rack reader with LIMS Software and how does the integration enhance your productivity? Read more to find out.

Rack Readers and Code Reading Software

To start with, it is a must to have a rack reader with easy-to-use code reading software. Using a full rack reader, you can easily identify a sample in an ANSI/SLAS format storage rack with only one scan of the 2D codes that are laser-etched on the bottom of the tubes. Through the unique 2D Data-Matrix code of the sample storage tube, it is easy to distinguish each sample. In addition, a side barcode scanner that can be mounted on a rack reader allows you to scan the 1D barcode of the rack itself. This way you can also register the storage rack in which the sample is located. By adding the scanned rack, tube, and sample data into your database, you can quickly find a specific sample when needed for downstream analysis and thus accelerating your sample handling.

LIMS Software

LIMS is short for Laboratory Information Management System and helps you, amongst others, to register and organize your samples. When you have multiple freezers with a lot of samples in it, one can easily lose track of a sample. Using a LIMS, all samples with accompanying information about their storage location are present in the database which makes sample retrieval an easy task. But how do you get your data in the system? To register each sample yourself can be tiring and can cause human error.

Combining Rack Readers with LIMS Software

To ensure a smooth workflow, it is important that labware locations are logged and updated in your inventory. Integrating rack readers with your sample management software makes it easy to trace the movement of samples throughout the sample management workflow, as scanned data from rack readers can be uploaded automatically to your inventory. A LIMS that works well with the Micronic Rack Readers is the Mosaic Software from Titian. To learn more about the integration of your Micronic Rack Reader in the Mosaic System, download the application note here:


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