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Screw Cap Ultra

The Screw Cap Ultra of Micronic have been optimally designed for automated and manual handling and improved sealing performance. The silicon O-ring of the cap falls within the tube, sealing the tube with “hard” stop. To meet the diverse needs of different researchers, Micronic offers a range of sealing solutions. Tubes with Internal thread can be sealed with the standard Screw Cap, the Screw Cap Ultra and the Low Profile Screw Cap.

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For Tubes with internal thread

The caps for tubes with an internal thread feature a high quality Silicon O-ring around the base to allow for the tightest seal possible. With the Screw Cap Ultra, the silicon O-ring of the cap falls within the tube, sealing the tube with “hard” stop. Internally threaded tubes can be sealed with a standard screw cap, a Screw Cap Ultra, or a low profile screw cap. The ultra caps can be used on all Micronic screw cap tubes with internal thread in 96-format and are available in 4 different premium colors: red, blue, light green, and yellow.

features & benefits

Screw Caps Ultra in 96-format

High quality silicon O-ring
Screw Caps Ultra feature a high quality Silicon O-ring
Ultra-low temperature
Screw Caps Ultra are ideal for sample storage at ultra-low temperatures
Compatible with Micronic Internally threaded Screw Cap tubes in 96-format
Resists chemical solvents
Free of any detectable RNase or DNase contamination and the endotoxin level of produced and packaged labware is limited to an acceptable minimum (< 0.01 EU/ml)
Micronic labware is manufactured and assembled in-house in a NEN-EN-ISO14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environment

Product Information

Parameter Screw Cap Ultra for Tubes with Internal Thread
Material PP with Silicon O-ring
Cap height 14.2mm
Chemical resistance ++
Temperature range Vapor phase LN2 to +100°C

What our customers say

“After a comprehensive evaluation of commercially available consumables we selected Micronic 0.75ml and 1.4ml tubes together with screw caps and Roborack storage racks to provide high integrity, long-term storage of our human blood, serum and plasma samples at –80°C."

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At Micronic our goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life. This is why it makes us particularly proud to supply the researchers of JUST with the consumables they need for their robotic discovery platform.

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"We chose Micronic because of their strong reputation in Biobank sample storage, the good quality of their automation-compatible products and the assured traceability that their laser etched 2D coded tubes provide."

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For its Rotterdam Study, the oldest long-term population health study in the Netherlands, Erasmus Medical Center has switched to the compact 2D coded tube system from Micronic for the storage of its biological samples.

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“We want to be able to handle and store our samples easily and effortlessly. The Micronic solution supports us in this. The capping equipment and TPE push caps have been super-efficient and easy to use."

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Biobank Graz (AT)
article numbers

Ordering information

Screw Caps Ultra for internally threaded tubes in 96-well format

Article Number Description Unit Size Case Size
MP53354 Screw Caps Ultra for internally threaded tubes in 96-well format - Yellow 960 caps 1
MP53352 Screw Caps Ultra for internally threaded tubes in 96-well format - Red 960 caps 1
MP53353 Screw Caps Ultra for internally threaded tubes in 96-well format - Blue 960 caps 1
MP53373 Screw Caps Ultra for internally threaded tubes in 96-well format - Light Green 960 caps 1

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