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Recap of our 2020 Innovations


At the beginning of the year we introduced our TPE Push Caps for Externally Threaded Tubes. The TPE caps offer reliable options for maintaining the integrity of tube contents at temperatures down to -80°C, allowing to store samples confidently. Learn more…


Blank tubes with external threadApril

At the start of the second quarter, Micronic introduced the Non-coded 0.30ml, 0.75ml and 1.40ml tubes. These provide an affordable way to improve sample preparation, processing, screening and logistics. Learn more…


Micronic Push Cap Capper and Decapper


In May the CP600 Capper and the CP620 Decapper were included in Micronic’s line of equipment. Cap your tubes easily with Push Caps using the CP600 and with the automated Push Cap Decapper you can decap the tubes in one single action. Learn more…


Micronic Code Reader SoftwareAugust

We update our Micronic Code Reader Software regularly. Last August we released version 3.0.0 of the software that included  several new options. Read all about the improvements to the software here.


Micronic Tube Handler HT500November

In the last quarter we announced the launch of the Micronic Tube Handler HT500, an affordable sample management system that effectively sorts your valuable liquid and solid samples. The device can be used to pick specific specimens from a large group of samples.  Learn more…


Micronic Docking Station for CS500 RecappersDecember

In the last month of the year we introduced our long-awaited Docking Station for the CS500 line. With the Docking Station a consistent recapping action can be assured for 96-, 48- and 24-well format tubes. Learn more…


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